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* My Woodle is launching the " Going To Rise " program to support the revitalization of World's Economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.


About Us

behind the scenes at beyond

Meet The Creators

We are entrepreneurs and innovators. We work to offer the best services in the best way.

We use our knowledge and experience to design and develop technologically advanced tools.

My Woodle is a Start Up of Born To Be Great LTD, developed by

My Woodle and are part of Born To Be Great LTD.

Customers choose us to develop many projects, tools, ideas and ask for consultancy to work online and improve their online Business.

We work with commitment and trust to reach the highest levels in the development of what we believe and achieve.

Our strong point is the relationship with people. 

We provide many IT and EN professional advice and services every day to all types of customers, with kindness, professionalism and fairness.

You can become our Partner and we’ll be always at your disposal. 

The Face Behind our Business

Fortunato Luca Gallo
Founder & CEO

Our “core” is the will to believe in a project, believe in an idea.
Having the perseverance to continue in good and bad times.
We use and provide new technologies for all Businesses.
Thanks to our job, over the years, we have always been able to increase the quality and performance of our services.
We are the Right Innovative Partner you are looking for.
We introduce to you our Project ” My Woodle ” which you will be able to Search and Discover places far or close to your location. 
You’ll be able to book rooms or tables and  leave reviews.
– For Managers : Promote your Business, Get in Touch with your amazing customers, Improve your Online visibility.
– For Adventurers : Take pictures and Share your adventures with the My Woodle’s Community.

This is My Woodle! 
Enjoy the LIFE! Enjoy Our Planet!

We Never Give Up

Passion and Work hard is our main spot. We don’t care problems because we always have a solution.

We Love To Explore​

Explore means Discover.
You can travel and walk around all the best places in the world.  With My Woodle you can discover.
Before to travel you can read and decide.

We Take It Step-By-Step

It-s not Easy but we are doing the best of Us.
We are keeping hold, with you we are Great and step by step we will make it better.

We Take Care of You

Simple is the best. If it is hard we are here at your complete disposal.
Our Customer Care is the best Help & Support  Team.

Our Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We want to offer a platform to advertise and promote travel experiences, Business Places , make business and connect with the world.
We want create relationship with the people, make known what is not yet known, show cultures, countries, learn languages and connect one with the others.
My Woodle is a place where traveling means discover.
We offer an Online service that is useful to evrybody in the best way.

We Can Realize Your Project

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

Fortunato Luca Gallo
Designer, Technology, Internet entrepreneur
Founder & CEO : Born To Be Great Ltd
Founder & CEO : My Woodle
Founder & CEO :
Email :